6 Pack Abs Workout

Are you ready for a 6 pack abs workout? 

Step by Step to a Cut Mid-Section

So if you’re looking for a step by step program to getting a six pack and you haven’t quite found the right information that is going to get you there, I have some good news for you. 

I have put together a video that is going to address how to help you get to the body fat level you desire. 

We know there are a lot of different variations of body fat levels that we can have on the path to a six pack. It all varies depending on the person and where you currently are right now. I’m going to cover all the different ranges of body fat and tell you specifically what your path should be and what you should focus on and what you should ignore so you could find that helpful 6 Pack Abs Workout that can get you going. 

30-40% Body Fat Level – 6 Pack Abs Workout

The first level is the people in the 30-40% Body Fat range. 

90% Focus on Nutrition
For this body fat range, you want to focus 90% of your attention on your nutrition habits. Focus first on making small changes. The key is small changes over the course of time. It didn’t take you a day to get to this level and so it’s not going to take a day to get out of it.

Simplify Meals
For example, take 5 breakfast meals that you actually enjoy eating and then rotate through those. This will help prevent meals from becoming boring or stale. 

Do you need supplements at this point? No, probably not. The focus at this level should be on diet and nutrition. First get the nutrition in order then focus on the supplements later. 

Conditioning is important and it can help to establish a caloric deficit. High intensity interval training is great, but even at this level, even a 2 mile-per-hour slow walk or jog is good if that’s all you can handle at the moment. From this, you can work to incorporating intervals into your conditioning – this is key. 

Smarter Strength Training
Using terrible form and hurting yourself in the gym, for example, pulling on your head while crunching… you don’t want to be that guy. You may think you are doing all the things that you are supposed to be, but the reality is at this weight and at this level of conditioning, you could end up hurting yourself and not come back to the gym at all. If you are a former athlete that can bounce back to the tougher training styles then you may be ok, but if you are more of a beginner, you need to get smart recommendations. 

For example, a body weight program may not be a great strategy for a guy 300 lbs. because using his own body weight could make the exercises pretty dang hard. Using a tool such as a physio ball can help you work up to perfecting the depth of squat, perfecting the form (physio ball wall squats for example), and get your body moving burning more calories. Overall, at this level you just want to get to the basics and get yourself going. 

20-30% Body Fat Level  – 6 Pack Abs Workout

At this level we still have the majority of the focus on nutrition. However, supplementation can help you stay consistent and reliable. Choosing the right supplements, getting the nutrients, and being able to control your portions is key here. You’re able to basically get a more reliable nutrition option, but you don’t want supplements to become your sole source of nutrition. You still want to be practicing good nutrition habits.

Ab Exercises
At 30-40%, ab exercises aren’t all that important because we have other work we need to focus on and habits to establish in the beginning. However, at 20-30% we want to start increasing the focus on ab training. Planks, crunches, standing rotational work with cables or bands to get the abs working properly.

We don’t want to be doing complicated variations of ab exercises. In fact, a lot of people will experience low back pain during reverse crunching or hanging movements because of the lack of ab strength. You need to pick and choose to figure out how to engage the core on all your big lifts. So when you squat, focus on engaging your core. Try to hold it and activate it throughout each rep to build the stability for core training so this strength will be with you as you burn belly fat and increase muscle.     

For the conditioning, we still want to be improving our conditioning the best we can (for example, increase running speed or add in some interval training).

15-20% Body Fat Level  – 6 Pack Abs Workout

This is a level where most guys get stuck on their way to six pack abs. This is a tough level to get passed because it requires the most consistency. If you have made it to this range, then you are better than the average guy. Most guys unfortunately fall higher than this. It’s going to take consistent and dedicated effort to get yourself out of this. The great thing is, this is one of the easiest places to get out of if you do it right. 

Variation is the key. You don’t want to be doing the same workout over and over again. Your muscles and body will get used to it and you’ll get stuck here. Doing the same intensity, same exercises over and over again will keep you stuck in the same place. As you push a little bit, it may be just an extra rep here and there that will get you to start seeing subtle changes. As you see things change, you’ll be inspired mentally to push even further. 

Abs in Every Exercise
This is where you focus on abs in every exercise. 

Intensity with Appreciation
You want to workout intense, but you don’t want to over train. 

Supplementation gives you that edge for recovery from really hard workouts. So, if you are working out really hard, the right kind of supplementation will help you recover faster from those more intense workouts so you can continue to repeat and be consistent with training. 

These tips help you get a stronger abs with a six pack abs workout

So, your abs should be stronger and you’ll be making more progress towards a six pack.

10% Body Fat Level 

If your goals are to get a really ripped six pack, then you need to get lower than 10% body fat. 

Cheat Meals Not Cheat Days
So, let’s say for example, you want sub-10% body fat. If you are eating 5 meals a day, that’s 35 meals a week. Only slipping up on a couple of those meals should be OK. This doesn’t mean starvation, this just means don’t give in to a lot of cheat meals and don’t make it into a cheat day.

Six Pack Progression
There’s a sequence to train to get the six pack you want. Lower abs, bottom up rotation, top down, mid-range, top down rotation and static contraction. To get under 10% body fat, this sequence really starts to matter and the sophistication level of your training really starts to increase. 

Progression Level
You want to start pushing yourself again. That one extra rep, higher intensity, and the better effort on your conditioning are all going to help get you through this wall at 10% body fat.

5-7% Body Fat Level 

This is where you are your own worst critic. You know exactly what you need to work on. You may say you need to work on your obliques a little more, get my serratus to pop out more, or maybe work on my lower abs a little more. This is where you become a scientist trying to fine tune your body.          

Nutrition and supplementation at this point should be dialed in and it should be just a matter of a little tweaking that gets you to look the way you want to look. 

This program is NOT about bulking and cutting. This is about being consistent and continuing to push yourself hard at every 6 pack abs workout. You become in tune with your body to the point to where this stuff becomes automatic. 

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