At Home Ab Workout

Short Effective Core Training

For this at home ab workout, you have two different circuits that you repeat twice. Each exercise is 20 seconds with as many reps as possible. 

Russian Twist. First exercise is the Russian twist (seated twist). Get seated with the feet up. You can use a medicine ball or dumbbell for added resistance. 

Plank. Move into a front plank. Really make sure your hips aren’t dropping down. Elbows should be beneath the shoulders. 

Hip Raises. Get on the back with feet up. Hands are secure at the sides as you raise the feet up bringing the hips up off the ground. Bring the legs and feet straight up in a line. 

Alternate Heel Touches. Lie on the back with knees bent. Alternate heel touches. 

V-Sits. This is the Seated Scissor Kick. Hands are secure at the sides as you scissor kick. 

Heel Touches.  

Plank Step Ups. Hand comes right under the shoulder. 

Plank Walk Out. Inch out inch by inch.

Cross Crunch. Come straight up and touch the top of your knees. You want to keep tension in your core the entire time. 

Bicycle Crunches. 

That’s the end of round one. Head straight into round two. 

After you finish round 2, head into the 2nd circuit. 

Rest 15 to 60 seconds if needed. 

Circuit 2 – At Home Ab Workout

Glute Bridge. Feet are planted on the ground. Arms on the ground. Lift the hips up. 

Alternating Bird Dog. We were working the front side of the body. With this 2nd circuit, we are working the back side of the body. 

That’s the end of round one. 

Immediately begin round two with the Glute Bridge, then finish the workout with the Alternating Bird Dog.

No Equipment Required! – At Home Ab Workout

This workout consists of some of the hardest bodyweight exercises. Right away you might start thinking training using just bodyweight means you can’t add muscle like you could at a gym. 

I’ve put together a workout where you can build muscle using your own bodyweight. These bodyweight exercises are difficult and definitely can add muscle. 

Lunge Tuck Jump Combo. This exercise involves you lunging out then coming back into a squat and finishing with a tuck jump. You repeat this sequence. You can make this more difficult by adding some light dumbbells on top of your shoulders or adding on a weighted vest. 

Wall Hand Stand Push Ups. Many people think the only way to get bigger shoulders is by doing shoulder presses. Go over to the wall and walk your feet up. Come straight up and down as you do presses from a hand stand position.  This is like a military press on your head. 

Plyo Push Up with Variation of One Arm Push Up. Get into position and as you go down, favor the right side. You’re basically doing a push up and having your right side do all the work. You then return to the top and lower down on the left side. Come back up and perform the plyo-push up. 

Pull Ups. Hang something over the bar to hold on to that will make the exercise more difficult. Get into a dead hang position and come straight down to work the grip. Start by hanging then curl the abs under to work the abs then do a dead-hang pull up. Do pull ups while in a knees to chest position. 

Bodyweight Tricep Extension. Place the hands on a bar if you have a bar available. This could be a bed or stairs instead of a bar… it doesn’t matter. Hands on the bar as you duck your head down. Your head goes underneath the bar until you have to bend your elbow. You then extend out. This is like a Standing Nose Breaker. Here, you are definitely working the triceps. 

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