Core Exercises for Men

Entire Workout in One Exercise

Core exercises for men. When talking about the core, you have to be sure you are talking about all the muscles that attach to the pelvis in the trunk because all of these are involved in your overall strength if you do this right. 

First of all, you have to make sure you are involving the lats to do this exercise correctly. Why? Because your lats are the biggest core muscle that attaches into your hips.

Straight Arm Push Down

The Straight Arm Push Down is one of the best ways to engage the stability of the lats. This will have the effect of increasing the strength of all the muscles around it. The second big thing is to make sure you are engaging the glutes. 

So, to make this exercise a lot easier and a lot more effective, I’m going to show you how to use all the muscles of your core, and not just the abs. 

Front Lever

The idea is to get your body straight or parallel to the ground without using your arms to actually pull you there. Use the force of the lats to do the straight arm push down. 

Combining these two movements (Straight Arm Push Down and Front Lever) creates the best core exercise you could ever do. Start the movement by push backwards to create a straight arm press down. Once in the air, squeeze the glutes to engage the core then push away then back down. 

This is a really tough exercise. Because it trains so many core muscles at once, it becomes one of your best core exercises

Aesthetic Side of Training – Developing a Better-Looking Physique

Core exercises for men involve using multiple muscles groups at the shoulders, chest, stomach, legs, and buttocks. We are now going to talk about the aesthetic side of things when it comes to core training. A lot of times men just want to get a better-looking physique to attract the attention of the opposite sex (or even men of the same sex). Whatever you are after, the fact is there are 5 muscle groups that are listed that are considered to be the most desirable by women of men. I’m going to discuss here what the best way is to attack each of these 5 groups. I need to preface by mentioning that there will never be one exercise that takes care of an entire muscle group to develop fully. We know we should be switching up exercises and switching up the techniques that are used to do them. 

I’m now going to cover the 5 most important muscle groups (according to women) men need to develop.

#5 Shoulders

Shoulders say a lot about you before you even take off your shirt. If your shoulders are developed, you will have a width to your upper body that sets up a more athletic looking body if you have wide shoulders that come down to a narrow waist. 

One and Half Rep DB Lateral Raises

We do this at 1 and half reps because brings a more specific overload in the contracting position. This is a good shoulder widener exercise. You get wider because you are working on the medial deltoids. Do the partial reps when doing your side lateral raises and you will do a lot better at broadening the shoulders.   

#4 Biceps – Core Exercises for Men

Women can notice if a guy is taking good care of himself instantly without him needing take off his shirt. The absolute best exercise for training the biceps is the curl. This is obvious, but it’s important how you do the curls. The key to building bigger arms is to overload the eccentric. If you allow yourself to cheat up to the vertical position, then allow your arms to slowly lower, you are allowing your arms to get that eccentric overload that will help you quickly build bigger arms. 

#3 Chest – Core Exercises for Men

Women want a guy that has a well-developed chest. The underhand bench press allows you to get more activation of the upper chest muscle fibers. You can also get your forearms a little closer together for better activation. This can also be a more comfortable position for your shoulders (more externally rotated). 

#2 Abs – Core Exercises for Men

Many women love to see guys with a well-developed set of abs. The guy that is more carved out is almost always going to be the guy that is more athletic and more explosive. It’s important to train the core hard and don’t always try to isolate movements. Add in some rotation movements such as Hanging Clocks. With this exercise you are working the obliques on top of the rectus abdominis. Your obliques actually help to taper in your waist. Well-developed obliques can actually give you the appearance of a slimmer trimmer waist. 

#1 Butt/Glutes

The lunge exercise is a very athletic movement that gives us the opportunity to be in single leg stance to develop the glutes very effectively. With the DB Sprinter Lunge, we come down as if in the starting blocks for a sprinter. This forward lean in my trunk allows me to load up the backside significantly more. By learning forward, your center of mass is in a position forward and the only thing that can help to hold you back is the back side of you. 

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