How to Look Bigger and More Attractive (These 3 Muscles)

Are you wondering how to look bigger? Unlocking a more impressive physique isn’t just about lifting more; it’s about targeting the right muscles. Discover the trio of often underestimated muscle groups that will create the illusion of a bigger and more developed physique. Adding 5 pounds of muscle in these areas will have the same impact of adding 10 to 15 pounds of muscle across your entire body when it comes to visual impact. In this article, you will discover the best exercises for building these muscles as fast as possible.

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Sculpting 3 Sexy Muscles

Neck and Traps

Bigger traps not only convey strength but also signal masculinity. These muscles house a greater density of androgen receptors, indicating elevated testosterone levels. Testosterone, a primary male hormone, fosters muscle growth and development. Thus, robust traps symbolize both power and hormonal vigor, underscoring their role as a definitive mark of strength and masculinity.

Deadlifts are a great exercise for increasing size of the neck and traps.

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Sexy Muscle Workout


Overhead press to activate the deltoid muscles.

Enhancing mid deltoid size significantly amplifies your frame’s appearance. These muscles provide width to the shoulders, creating the coveted “V” shape that accentuates a broad upper body. Strengthening them through exercises like the overhead press is crucial. This compound movement not only fosters muscle growth but also boosts overall upper body strength, effectively magnifying the illusion of a larger and more impressive physique.

Lateral raises to activate the mid deltoid muscles.

The pivotal exercise for mid deltoid development is the lateral raise. It directly targets these muscles, fostering width and enhancing the shoulder’s aesthetic appeal. To optimize results, consider the Egyptian lateral raise. This variant provides heightened isolation, concentrating the effort on the mid deltoids for superior growth. By isolating this muscle group effectively, the Egyptian lateral raise becomes a potent tool in achieving a well-rounded and impressive shoulder profile.

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How to Get Bigger and More Attractive

The Lats

Training the lats holds the key to crafting a captivating V-taper, an illusion that lends your waist a narrower appearance. Developed lats broaden the upper back, creating a stark contrast with the waist, hence the “V” shape. This optical effect not only adds to aesthetics but also emphasizes the coveted masculine silhouette. By focusing on lat development, you sculpt a physique that exudes strength and proportion, elevating your overall visual impact.

Shoulder abduction and shoulder extension are fundamental movements that effectively train the lats. Shoulder abduction, which involves raising your arms away from your body’s midline, engages the lats as they assist in the motion. This movement mimics actions like pull-ups and lateral raises, targeting the lats to build width and shape.

Shoulder extension, where you pull your arms down and back, as seen in exercises like pull-downs and rows, contracts the lats further. This movement engages the muscles in the lower back and upper hips, creating a comprehensive workout that promotes strength and size. By incorporating both these movements, you ensure a well-rounded and effective lat training regimen, facilitating a more impressive and proportioned physique.

Underhand barbell row.

Barbell rows and barbell deadlifts are great for building the back. However if your back is well developed, but the lats aren’t well developed, then you may want to consider the underhand grip barbell row. This will get you better lat activation.

Weighted chin-ups and pull-ups.

The pull-up exercise is a lats-targeting powerhouse due to its impact near the humerus insertion point. As you lift your body, the lats engage intensely, focusing on the region where they attach to the upper arm bone. This strategic activation amplifies the development of the lats, ultimately contributing to the striking V-taper effect. By honing this exercise, you sculpt broader, more defined lats that accentuate the shoulders and create the illusion of a narrower waist, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your physique.

Hit these 3 muscle groups to look stronger and more masculine.

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