Killer Ab Workout

15 Minute Abdominal Destroyer

A killer ab workout that I guarantee will kick your butt (I mean abs). 

For this workout, you will be on the ground and you don’t need any weights. We aren’t going to be doing a lot of the traditional ab exercises, this is mostly what I would call “core work”. 

First, we start on our back bringing the knees to the chest. Hold at your chest for 5 seconds then bring your feet to the ground. We then just rock the hips side to side to loosen up. 

Now get in a crunch position and come up and do a crunch. From this position, look up even higher. Your shoulder blades come up off the ground. We are going to do 40 crunches. 

Alternate Leg Lifts
Next, continue the movement while lifting one leg up at a time. Alternate your legs. Do a total of 20 crunches.

Now You’ll See How this is a Killer Ab Workout

Both Legs Up Exercise
Next, you are going to lift both legs up at the same time. Again, 20 more crunches. 

Next, drop the knees down to the right with a big twist. So, the lower body does a twist and upper body stays centered. Do crunches straight up. You are working the obliques here. 20 crunches. 

Next, lift the feet off the ground and hold this position while you do 20 crunches. 

Next, same position, but extend the left arm out while doing 20 more crunches. 

Next, perform the crunches with the knees are positioned down to the left. 

Leg Lifts
Next, lift the legs off the ground and do 20 more crunches. 

Next, straighten the right arm and do 20 more crunches. 

Next, legs positioned straight up. Lift them up and then out. That’s one rep. Do 20 reps (up and out). 

Next, point the feet out and tap them together for 20 reps. 

Criss-cross Exercise
Next, same position, but 20 criss-crosses. 

Flutter Exercise
Next, flutter the legs for 20 reps. 

Next, with one knee bent on the floor, straighten your other leg and turn it pointed it out. Bring the straight leg up and touch to the opposite hand.  

Do these same exercises in this sequence for opposite side of the body. 

Plank Position – Killer Ab Workout Part 2

Forearm Plank 
We have three different exercises in plank position – straight hold, internal rotation, and external rotation. 

Straight Hold Plank
The first exercise is just a straight hold. Get your hips in a neutral position (you don’t want to be too high or too low). Hold this position for 20 seconds. 

Next, lift the right leg up for 5 seconds. Next, lift your left leg up for 5 seconds. Drop down to neutral position and hold for 10 seconds. 

Internal Rotation
Next, we have internal rotation (right hip drops then left hip drops – keep alternating the hip drops)

Do 30 twists (hips turn to the right then back to the left, 30 times). 

Next, you are going to twist just as you did before, but now you are going to take your outside foot across the other with each rep. 

External Rotation
Do supermans for 30 seconds. Next, put your hands on the back of your head and rotation your elbows back alternating each side. Do 30 total reps. (Here, you’re working the muscles on the opposite side of your body – opposite the abs).  

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