Stability Ball Workouts

10 Minute Physioball Routine 

For stability ball workouts, you will need a stability ball, exercise mat, and a wall. We have 9 different exercises at 45 seconds each. Strengthen and tone your abs in just 10 minutes with this balance ball routine

Stability Ball Hamstring Curl

The first exercise is the Stability Ball Hamstring Curl. Lie on your back and place heels on the ball. Begin the movement by pulling the feet down and toward you. Bring the hips up high. Keep hands and arms flat on the floor. As you pull the feet toward your hips try to create a straight line from knees to shoulder. So, focus on raising the hips up as you pull your feet in. You should feel it in the hamstring and also your buttocks. 

Stability Ball Push Up

The next exercise is the Stability Ball Push Up. Start by getting on top of the ball and place the thighs on the ball. Hands start in a regular push up position with the hands placed slightly wider than shoulder width. Place the ball in the middle of the thigh. The closer to the feet the ball is positioned, the harder the push will be. If the ball is closer to the hips, the exercise gets easier because weight of the legs counter balances and helps you come back up off the floor from the push up. So, if you want an easier push up, keep the ball closer to the hips. Go as low as you can for the push up. To avoid pain in the shoulder and upper back, don’t have the arms point straight out from the body (have the elbows track closer next to the body to take pressure off the shoulders). 

Crunch – Stability Ball Workouts

The next exercise is the Stability Ball Crunch. Get on the ball and roll the ball to the lower back. Place the hands behind the head to support the neck. You aren’t using the arms to pull the head, you are just supporting the head during the movement. Keep the hips stationary while trying not to move the ball. Fold the torso over the ball as you lean back folding the shoulders down over the hips. Come back up and crunch the abs then slowly drop it back down. Really focus on not letting the ball move. The main goal is to keep the ball stationary as you go slow and work on contracting the abs. 

Wall Squats  – Stability Ball Workouts

The next exercise is the Stability Ball Wall Squat. Start with the ball on the hips and feet out in front of you placed about shoulder width apart. Begin the movement by squatting down like you would with a traditional squat getting the thighs to about parallel to the ground. Focus on getting the weight through the heels. During the movement track the knees over the feet. The hands can stay together and come up as you squat down. 

Inner Thigh Squeeze – Stability Ball Workouts

The next exercise is the Stability Ball Inner Thigh Squeeze. Lie on the floor on your back and place the ball between your knees. Begin by squeezing the ball between the knees. Squeeze slowly and tight as you can then relax back out. To make this more intense, fire your glutes and abs as you squeeze. 

Back Extension – Stability Ball Workouts

The next exercise is the Stability Ball Back Extension. Lie with the hips on the ball and feet up against the wall. Bring the ball up against the thighs as you lay over top of it. Place your hands behind your head for support. Begin the movement by pressing the toes into the wall to help stay anchored. Slowly drop down over the ball while rounding over it. Come back up by using the muscles in your lower back and buttocks. When you come back up, don’t hyperextend too far. 

Stability Ball Tricep Push Up

The next exercise is the Stability Ball Tricep Push Up. Get in push up position and place the hands directly under the shoulders. Elbows stay tucked for these pushups. The closer to the hips the ball is placed, the easier the exercise. The closer the ball is placed to the feet, the harder the exercise. As you come down, get the nose close to the ground then push to extend all the way back up.

Stability Ball Abductor Lift – Stability Ball Workouts

The last exercise is the Stability Ball Abductor Lift. This exercise is for the outside of the thigh. Get positioned leaning on the ball to the side. The bottom leg is bent and straight back behind you to support balance. The top leg is lifting up nice and high. Keep the upper body completely stationary. You should feel it in the outside thigh and hip. Barely tap the toe to the ground then come back up. Keep the leg straight and foot pointed out during the movement. Switch sides and do the same movement for 45 seconds on the other side.

This workout takes about 10 minutes. 

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