The Best Ab Exercises

Two Techniques You MUST Do

Looking for the best ab exercises? The following are the only two ab exercises you need.

The truth is you only need two or three ab exercises to get what you want out of your abs.

The first exercise works primarily the lower abs. This exercise brings the pelvis towards your torso. 

Leg Raises

Most common exercises for the movement to work the lower abs are leg raises. 

Three variations of leg raises…

1.  Hanging from a bar. Your legs must stay straight while forming the shape of the letter L. When contracting your abs, don’t make the mistake of bending your knees.

2. Upright on a stand. While resting your elbows lift your legs until parallel to the floor. Don’t swing your legs. Don’t make the mistake of dropping so low that you lose the tension in your abs. The focus should be on the abs, not the lower back muscles. 

3. Lie on a bench with head up top. The advantage of this position is feet are closer to the floor. Loop a rope around a bench. Hang on to the rope while you lift your legs toward your head. 

It’s very important to use good technique. The better the technique, the fewer reps you’ll be able to do. Do as many as you can with perfect form. You may only be able to 10 at a time if technique is flawless. 

If you can do over 25 at a time, then you’re probably already killing it with your ab training.

The second movement works primarily the upper abs. These exercises bring your torso to your pelvis. 

Crunches and Sit-Ups

A couple possible variations…

1. Inclined Sit-ups. These are also known as Roman Chair Sit-Ups. 

2. Rope Crunches. This can be a very effective exercise and one of the best ab exercises, but may take quite a bit of practice to master. The key is finding the correct placement for the knee and weight.

3. Band Crunches. Obviously all bands have different resistance. You’ll have to experiment with different bands to find the one that works best for you. 

Rep ranges for upper ab exercises tend to be higher than when training the lower abs. 

Aim for 25 to 30 reps. If this is too high, then just do as many as you can with perfect form. Gradually increase over time.

Deep Inner Core Muscles

There’s also another exercise that is important for ab workouts. 

It’s important to work the deep inner core muscles of the diaphram. These muscles are critical for helping you get control of your abs. 

A big problem people have is not breathing correctly. 

When you workout, the focus you should be on stomach breathing, not breathing just into your chest. 

Pull Down Crunches. Get seated in a pull down station as if you were to do a set of pull downs. Do the ab exercise be taking a very deep breath inhaling air into your stomach. You should feel you stomach expanding filling with air. Suck in your stomach and push your abs against your spine. Next, blow out the air as you crunch down. This exercise helps with abdominal detention. 

One More Ab Exercise

V Ups. The V-Up is a combination movement of upper and lower abs. 4 sets of 10 to 15 reps. 

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