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Key Exercise for Six Pack Success

You want workouts for abs? Check out this six pack hack. This is a muscle hack that will help you get six pack abs. The key here is to NOT focus on the six pack (rectus abdominus).

This muscle alone will never give you a great looking mid-section. You don’t want to make the mistake of not developing the obliques and serratus anterior. Those are two key muscles for filling out the mid-section. And you just won’t look all that good if you haven’t trained those muscles.

Key Muscles to Train – Serratus Anterior and Obliques

So what you want to do is have these 3 muscles work together (rectus abdominus, serratus anterior, and obliques) to frame out the mid-section, giving you the shredded six pack you’ve always wanted. 

One Ab Exercise that Gets these Muscles Working

The exercise is basically a side crunch. A lot of people don’t do side crunches correctly. The most common mistake is grabbing their neck and just pulling on it while doing the crunch… not really caring about using the correct technique.

The other common problem is there’s too much focus on what’s going on at the side of the body, and not aware of what’s happening to the serratus muscle

The way you activate the serratus is by reaching your arm out across the body as you perform the movement. This is the key to working the serratus anterior. 

If you are familiar with the serratus, you may recall a common exercise involves doing a PLUS (exaggerated push) at the top of the push up movement. These pushups are commonly referred to as the push up plus. With the push up exercise, you activate the serratus by pushing even further at the top of the push up. You’re basically allowing your shoulder blades to retract around your body. So, the same thing is happening here. 

When we crunch up, we work the obliques and extend (pressing forward) our arm across the body.   

As you extend as far as you can, you can actually see the serratus muscle contract. If you have a physioball at home or in a gym, the balance ball is a great tool to work this muscle. You’re basically pushing into the ball. The ball provides more resistance for you to work the serratus. 

Serratus Anterior and Obliques are More Visible at Lower BF Percentages

We know that one of the most stubborn areas to lose body fat is at the lower belly. 

So, by adding muscle to these areas (serratus and obliques), you can at least give the appearance that you are on your way to six pack abs and getting that tapering look.

So, this is a great opportunity to get headed in the right direction. You can do this exercise with little or no equipment and be well on your way to developing the six pack you want. 

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