7 Minute Abs

Burn Stomach Fat Quickly

7 minute abs workout that strengthens and tones your abs in just 7 minutes a day. It’s more about timing and consistency than it is about heavy weights and brute force.  

The workout I am going to show you are simple movements you can do at home on a mat or in a gym. I’m going to show you different variations if you are looking for something more advanced to get that extra burn. You’re going to feel it in your rectus abdominus and your obliques as well. 

You’re going to do one minute of each movement. If you want to do more, you could even go through each one a 2nd time for a total of 14 minutes. 

Lying Figure Eight – 7 Minute Abs Workout

The first movement is the Lying Figure 8. Start by lying on your back extending the legs as straight as you can. You simply create a figure eight motion with your legs. During this exercise it’s important to keep the lower back flat to the ground. So, you don’t want to be putting a lot of stress on the spinal erectors. A little trick you can do is to squeeze the glutes. By really firing the glutes this will engage the lower abs and transverse abdominus which ends up activating the rectus abdominus. Go as fast or as slow as you need to do this figure eight. The slower you go, the tougher this exercise will be.

Windshield Wipers – 7 Minute Abs

The next exercise is the Windshield Wipers. The first variation of the Windshield Wiper is with the knees bent. For beginners, you want to start with the knees bent. The legs in this exercise acts like a lever. The longer the lever, the more focus on the fulcrum. In this case, the fulcrum is the abs and obliques. The focus here is on the lower abs and internal/external obliques. This is where you should be feeling it. Go as slow as you need to. You just don’t want to swing and torque your lower back. Straightening the legs increases the intensity. A more advanced variation involves using a barbell. The barbell has the advantage of locking the shoulder blades in place and also locking the lower back into the ground. This results in significantly increasing the isolation of the abs. 

Lying Toe Touch Crossovers – 7 Minute Abs

This next exercise is the Lying Toe Touch Crossovers. This exercise can be extremely brutal. Reach the left arm over to the right leg and the right arm over to the left leg. When you do this movement, focus on giving a little exhale. This exhale will help the abs contract at the right point in time. If you do the movement slower and not go so far in the range of motion while breathing properly, you can actually get a lot more concentration on the abs. This will create those valleys in between your ab muscles which results in the aesthetic six pack look. 

Dead Bugs – 7 Minute Abs

The dead bugs are next. What we are doing here is taxing our proprioception. This is basically improving the connection between your brain and your abs. Believe it or not, your abs look a certain way because of how your brain is telling your abs how to contract at a certain time. By extending one leg while extending the opposing arm up overhead we are actually improving the neuroactivity between the brain and abs which allows them to contract properly. One of the biggest problems people have with the abs, isn’t that they are weak, it’s that they aren’t being told or signaled to contract at the right point in time. If you do this exercise slowly in the beginning, you will improve that brain-ab communication. As you practice this, you can improve the speed at which you do this exercise and the movement ends up becoming more unified or seamless. 

Alternating Cross-Body Curls

The next exercise is the Alternating Cross-Body Curls. Ly on your back with knees bent and assume the position of doing a medicine ball twist. While keeping your feet flat on the ground you are doing a basic crunch curl over to the side. The outside of your right hand should slightly touch the outside of your left leg and vice-versa. Come back down then go back up to the other side and your outside left hand should slightly touch the outside of your right leg. You are basically doing a crunch then pivoting at the last second to get that rotation. If you want a little more torque on the abs, you can hold a medicine ball. The extra weight will help the internal and external obliques to kick on and help you get the v-taper look. 

Hollow Body Rock – 7 Minute Abs

The last exercise is the Hollow Body Rock. There are two ways to do this one. In the beginning, you can just be in the hollow position and hold it. The more advanced variation is when you actually start rocking. If you have a tight lower back, you might find it harder to rock. If this is the case, start with a slow little rock in the beginning. As your abs get stronger you will be able to do more of an overarching arc that will allow you to get more of a rock. The Hollow Body Rock is an isometric hold which is good for building stamina and muscular endurance. So, you might be weak at this exercise in the beginning. If this is the case, then just go 15 or 20 seconds at a time. You may need to just take a second or two to breathe and then you can continue the exercise again. 

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