Ab Exercises Workout

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The ab exercises workout can be done in a gym, on a playground or maybe even at home. 

Hanging Leg Raise

The first exercise is the Hanging Leg Raise. You can do this in the gym or on a pullup bar at home. You can even do these in a park that has monkey bars. The goal here is to bring your knees up toward your chest. Go slow and controlled. You don’t need to go up really far. Just focus on going slow and feeling a contraction in your lower abs. If these become easy for you, do them with your legs straight. Grip is what becomes difficult with this exercise.

V-Ups – Ab Exercises Workout

Next, we have V-Ups without any added weight. You can do them on a bench or on the floor. The bench makes it harder because your legs are already elevated. If you can’t do a V-Up, you can just do a V-Sit. The V-Sit is where you focus on holding the position. Holding the position for 30 seconds would work great. 

Weighted V-Ups – Ab Exercises Workout

Next, we have Weighted V-Ups. Place a weighted dumbbell between your feet. Start light and as you get used to it you can increase weight. Keep your toes together during the movement. 

Hanging Side Crunch – Ab Exercises Workout

Next, we have the Hanging Side Crunch. This may feel a little awkward. Don’t give up, you’ll get used to it soon. Do 15 on each side of the body.

Weighted Side Bends

Next, we have Weighted Side Bends. Hold a weight in your hand and slowly pull the weight up with your obliques. To do this effectively, be sure to not be pulling the weight with the arm or shoulder. Really focus on your abs and obliques. You can do this with a plate, kettlebell, or dumbbell.

Lying Leg Raises

Next, we have Lying Leg Raises. As you lie on a bench, hold the bench or bar with your hands and keep the legs straight as you raise them up. Don’t bend the legs while you bring them down as low as you can. Breathe out as you bring your legs down. 

Atomic Push Ups

Next, we have Atomic Push Ups. We use TRX straps or resistance bands. Bring the knees and feet together. Pull them forward slowly until they touch your elbows or chest. Keep yourself in a very comfortable plank position and don’t go too fast. You should feel a little shake as your core stabilizer muscles work. 

Hill Climbers

Next, we have Hill Climbers. This is where your knees alternate in and out. Go quickly, 40+ times. 

The Pike

Next, we have The Pike. This is also referred to as the Yoga Pose. Pull your butt to the sky while keeping your feet together. This takes a while to get used to, but it’s a great exercise. 

Bosu Ball Twists

The next to last exercise is the BosuBall Twists. If you don’t have a Bosu-Ball, you could use a medicine ball or just the floor. Do 30 reps fairly quickly. Bring the legs up and across as if you are twisting. Knees should almost reach the elbows. 

Bosu Ball Spider Crunch

The last one is the Spider Crunch. This time you take your legs to the outside of the arms.

Ab Exercises Workout

Hanging Leg Raise ————————–15 Reps —————3 to 4 Sets

V-Ups (no weight) ————————–15 Reps —————3 to 4 Sets

Hanging Side Crunch (both sides)———-15 Reps —————3 to 4 Sets

Weighted Side Bends (both sides)———-15 Reps —————3 to 4 Sets

Lying Leg Raise ——————————15 Reps —————3 to 4 Sets

Atomic Push Up ——————————20+ Reps ————-3 to 4 Sets

Hill Climbers ———————————-40+ Reps ————-3 to 4 Sets

The Pike —————————————20 + Reps ————3 to 4 Sets

BosuBall Twists ——————————-30+ Reps ————-3 to 4 Sets

BosuBall Spider Crunch ———————-40+ Reps ————-3 to 4 Sets

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