Beginner Ab Workout

7-Minute Program for New Trainee

Beginner ab workout for people that are new to training. This information is especially helpful if you’re a complete newbie or teenager that’s just getting started and wondering what workout you should do. 

We want to keep the workouts very simple and not complicate things. We want to stay consistent with your workouts because that’s one of the most important things for beginners. Staying consistent and doing your workouts on a daily basis along with doing the right workouts with correct form. 

Today’s workout is a 7-minute ab workout for the beginner. 

7 Minute Beginner Ab Workout

There are 4 exercises in this workout. These exercises aren’t going to give you a total body training that’s works every single muscle group. However, these are basically the most important exercises that help you get started exercising, along with developing good overall muscle tone. 

You start with 30 seconds of push-ups. You don’t have to worry about counting. You just do as many push ups as you can in 30 seconds. Next, do toe touches for 30 seconds. The toe touch is like a crunch where you have your feet up in the air and reaching your toes to work on your abs. Next, we have squats for 30 seconds. For squats, all you use is your own bodyweight for resistance. So, no added weight for the squats. Last exercise is high knees where you are working on your core and getting some cardio work and also functional strength.  Rest anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute and then repeat it again doing a total of 3 rounds. 

This beginner ab workout should take 7 to 8 minutes depending on how you feel. The most important thing is that if you are a beginner and just starting out, don’t worry if you can’t continue to do the exercise for the entire 30 seconds. Just do the best you can. I’ll show you some modifications that will take you a long way to making things a little easier for you if you’re finding it’s tough to finish the workouts. 

Here’s the workout…

  • Push Ups  
  • To Touches
  • Squats
  • High Knees
  • 30 Seconds Each Exercise
  • Repeat for 3 Rounds   

For the pushups, be sure to maintain a straight line with your body. You don’t want to stick your butt up in the air and dive into each push up. Keep your butt tucked in and a maintain a straight line from heels to head. Place the hands shoulder width apart directly below the shoulders. Elbows travel by your sides. If you stick your elbows out, it can be hard on your shoulders. 

For the squats, point your butt straight back. When you squat, think of sitting back in a chair. Also, you should press through the heels into the floor.   

For the high knees, bring the knees up high enough to get the thighs parallel to the floor. Also, you want quiet feet so you are easy on your joints and knees. 

If you can’t do pushups on your toes, then do them on your knees. It doesn’t matter if you are doing them an easier way, just as long as you are doing them. You have to start somewhere. You can do a harder variation when you are ready. If you can’t do push ups on your knees then you could use a couch, counter, or bench. If this is how you start, then so be it. You have to do what you can. I promise you will eventually get stronger and bigger. You’ll look back at where you were and think, “Man, I came a long way.” 

As you get better at this, you will be able to do a lot more reps in the same amount of time. Also, you will be able to push yourself and do more rounds. For example, if you were doing 3 rounds, move it up to 4 rounds, then eventually to 5 rounds. 

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