Fast Ab Workout

This fast ab workout is a good workout to do after your regular workout. This workout is super short and has the benefit of really hitting the abs hard. This workout is 3 exercises. 30 seconds per exercise for a total of 3 rounds. 

This workout is really simple and you don’t need any equipment. 

The exercises are crunches, scissor kicks, and bridge planks. Even though these exercises are easy to learn, they are super effective. 

#1 Crunches

Start your timer and do 30 seconds of crunches. When you train like this after your workout, this is actually pretty tough because you are already fatigued. After 30 seconds, go into the scissor kicks. 

#2 Scissor Kicks

One thing to keep in mind, with the scissor kicks keep the back flat on the floor. You don’t want to be arching your back. Placing your hands under your butt can help you take the stress off the lower back. After 30 seconds, go into the bridge planks. 

#3 Bridge Planks

With bridge planks, go from a regular plank position to pushing your butt up high in the air. You end up looking at your toes. Then come back down and thrust the hips. 

After you finish the bridge planks, return to doing the crunches. Again, go for 30 seconds then advance to the next exercise. By the time you get to the 3rd round, you should really feel the burn.

It’s important to mention this workout isn’t good for burning fat. We are training like this to focus on building the core abdominal muscles. 

So, don’t forget, if you can’t see your abs yet, this isn’t the workout that will help you get rid of belly fat so you can see your abs. This workout is for building lean ab muscle.

Fast Ab Workout to Shed Body Fat

This is an awesome combination of workouts to get super ripped. This is a lot of cardio that works your obliques and core muscles. No equipment is needed. 

We are going to do 10 reps of knee to elbow planks followed by 20 reps of mountain climbers and 20 reps of high knees. Do this for a total of 4 rounds. 

Here’s the first round…

#1 Knee to Elbow Planks

Get in plank position and start by moving the knee to elbow. Alternate legs. Each side is 1 rep. 

#2 Mountain Climbers

Follow the knee to elbow planks with 20 mountain climbers. 

#3 High Knees

Immediately after finishing the Mountain Climbers, do 20 reps of High Knees. 

Two Exercises for Burning a Ton of Calories

The two exercises in this fast ab workout are kettlebell swings and burpees. So, why are these exercises so effective at burning calories? These exercises are mult-joint exercises. To perform these exercises, we must engage multiple muscle groups at the same time. So, we are activating many muscles at the same time. This is a lot more effective way to train when compared to working a muscle in isolation (for example, abdominal crunches). 

We are going to do 8 rounds of these two exercises. We do these without any rest. 

Each round you decrease by 1 rep until you finish the workout.

#1 Kettlebell Swings

Start with 8 reps of the Kettlebell Swings. Immediately after the 8th kettlebell swing, go into the burpees. 

#2 Burpees

After 8 burpees immediately go into the kettlebell swings. 

For the second round, do 7 total reps. Continue to workout until you have completed all 8 rounds consisting of these two exercises. 

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