Abdominal Fat Exercises

Workout & Diet to Carve Mid-Section

Abdominal fat exercises will help get rid of love handles and unwanted body fat. Along with the training method you choose, correct nutrition is also essential to your success.

This workout is a combination of resistance and cardio training. The goal here is to achieve the Afterburn Effect. Afterburn is what happens during the time period after your resistance training. This is achieved by doing an anaerobic style workout. This is where you train at a high intensity with rest periods to recover between high intensity sets. The Afterburn effect is when the body continues to burn fat long after you are done working out (24 to 48 hours typically). 

With traditional cardio or endurance type of training, you only burn calories while you are training. With a more anaerobic style, you will continue to burn calories long after the workout. 

The following workout routine is high intensity and is made up of 3 exercises done back to back to back. You’re going to do this for 3 rounds with minimal rest.

The exercises are squat jumps, half burpees, and bicycle kicks. Do 10 reps each.

Squat Jumps

For the squat jumps, squat back and down with a hesitation before the jump. Focus on exploding out of the hole as much as you can. 


Next, we have 10 reps of half-burpees.     

Bicycle Kicks

Last, we have 10 reps of bicycle kicks. Be sure to go through the whole range of motion. Really stretch out the abs at the end range of the movement. 

After you finish the bicycle kicks, start again with the squat jumps for round 2. Continue the sequence to finish out the 2nd and 3rd round.

If this workout isn’t tough enough and you need to get in some more work, you can add in more rounds. For example, do 5 rounds instead of 3. 

Belly Fat Burning Workout & Abdominal Fat Exercises

Things to remember when training to lose fat…

1) Use a load that is heavy enough, but still manageable.

2) Work multiple muscle groups.  

3) Keep rest time to a minimum. 

Four Exercises of 12 Reps to Achieve Afterburn

Here’s a cool workout that will help you experience the Afterburn Effect. You’ll need a pair of dumbbells and a medicine ball.

Dumbbell Front Squats

Hold the dumbbells in front of your shoulders and perform 12 front squats. 

Dumbbell Bent Over Rows

Immediately go into bent over rows.  

Dumbbell Forward Lunges

Next, 12 forward lunges. 

Medicine Ball Overhead Slams

Last, we have 12 med ball slams. Try to go fast and explosive. 

How to Shed the Unwanted Love Handles

Myth: Abdominal fat exercises alone will get rid of love hands. 

If you workout and do a lot of oblique crunches, you may actually build muscle to this area without losing any fat. Believe it or not, but you may actually start to look fatter around your mid-section if you improve muscle mass without losing the fat. 

Three Fat Burning Foods

1) Almonds and Cayenne Pepper. Almonds are high in fiber and help keep you satiated. They are also high in monosaturated fats. Almonds also have something that will line along the intestinal tract that will help keep you from absorbing as much sugar. Cayenne pepper can boost your metabolism up by 8% for 2 hours. It’s also good to soak your almonds overnight before you consume them. 

2) Spiced Garbanzo Beans. Add in Himalayan salt and Cayenne pepper. The Himalayan salt helps stabilize your adrenals. This helps your hormones from going nuts.

3) Salmon Jerky. Here, you get a lot of protein, but then Salmon is also high in lepton. This is a hormone that will send you a signal telling you that you are full. 

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