Best Abdominal Exercise

Ground-Based Scalable Movements

This is the best abdominal exercise ever. I’m going to provide you with the evidence to why I think this is the best ab exercise. 

There are 4 reasons this abdominal exercise is so great. 

1) First off, this is a ground-based movement. I like it that you can keep the movement in a closed-chain environment (keeping your feet in contact with the ground). 

You can see hands and feet are kept in contact with the ground as opposed to chains or a bar. 

2) This is an ab exercise that is scalable. What I mean is, I will show the variations for the beginner that can try this as well as the more advanced guy… the guy with the strongest core ever will benefit from this. 

This is more than just a plank

3) The best abdominal exercise can be performed anywhere. You can do this in a gym or if you’re at home. You can even do this exercise with nothing but a pair of socks. 

4) This ab exercise targets the all-important areas of the core that often get overlooked, or more importantly, are left out of training all together. You want to forget about all the isolation ab exercises.

Two Things You Need To Do…

If you want to work your core, you better do these two things…

1) You better learn how to integrate as many muscles in the core together at one time as you can.

2) You better learn how to train to improve stability and not strength because the primary purpose of your abdominal isn’t to be strong… and the purpose isn’t to be able to crunch an entire weight stack in a weight crunch machine. Much more importantly, you better be able to hold an entire weight stacks on your back through a stability exercise. 

This is the best abdominal exercise that is a stability exercise that will do everything that it needs to do. 

Progressions of the Best Abdominal Exercise

First of all, this exercise is a variation of a plank. 

Even though this is a plank, planks aren’t all you need to do. An ordinary plank isn’t enough to challenge your stability. The key here is to challenge your stability by moving limbs in space. That movement is going to provide a dynamic challenge for the stability of your core. 

The key here is to challenge your core by having other things moving. 

So, you get in a plank position and now we aim to just pull our knees in toward our chest. We are now working our lower abs here because we’re initiating the movement from the bottom up.

You can see this is really easy to do. You can do this in a gym or at home. 

Use a plate at a gym. Or if at home, on a slick floor you can even do this in your socks. 

You can also scale this back for beginners. Let’s say you can’t hold a plank or you can’t pull your knees in and you just don’t have lower ab strength to do that. This isn’t a problem. Just drop down to your knees and as you pull in, when you slide back, let the legs actually lift themselves off of the ground when they run out of room to slide. This is basically a variation of the plank or assisted plank. 

And to make this more advanced, it’s important to add in rotation. You can rotate to the left and rotate to the right. 

Serpentine Variation

Even tougher than that, you can add in the serpentine variation to this. 

The serpentine one now adds a much more dynamic stabilization required for your core. 

Next, instead of moving towards the top (bringing your knees forward), you can focus on moving the feet away (basically extending the feet out away). 

The Cliffhanger

This is a cliffhanger plank that’s done dynamically. You are sliding your legs out behind you as you try to extend out into this cliffhanger. The takes some crazy stability and strength to perform this movement. 

Again, to make this even tougher, we add in rotation. Now we do a cliffhanger with rotation. 

So, the best abdominal exercise is the variation that is the most challenging to you. Once you get stronger, you can advance to a more difficult progression in this sequence. 

These are the ab exercises you need to carve up your mid-section, shedding away unwanted belly fat and finally getting abs you want. 

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