How to Do Crunches

Weighted Crunches

External Load for Core Training Weighted crunches… do you know how and when you should do them? Can you get your abs bigger and stronger if you train them with weights?  Should you incorporate weighted core exercises into your workouts? The answer is maybe.  First, before we have any discussion about abs, we have to understand that in …

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Oblique Crunches on the Floor – Training the Obliques Smarter

No Oblique Crunches on the Floor Oblique crunches on the floor aren’t going to develop that midsection you’ve always wanted. Just like dozens of other ab exercises to work into your program, the oblique crunch has it’s appropriate time and place.  Best Internal/External Oblique Exercises Some ab exercise techniques are more appropriate than others. Crunches certainly aren’t the …

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How to Do Crunches

Tips for Smarter Ab Training Do you need tips on how to do crunches?  Here are Two BIG reasons you need to improve your ab crunch technique. 1. Poor form can get you hurt. If you have pain while sitting or disc issues in your back, then poor crunch technique could cause serious injury.  And hammering …

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