Core Exercises for Back Pain

Quickly Correct Muscle Imbalance

Core exercises for back pain and a strategy to make sure pain doesn’t come back again. If you have pain in your lower back that you can put your thumb on, you need to first identify what really is the problem. It’s not the muscles at the low back, even though this is where you feel some pain. It’s usually more of a Glute Medius problem. This could be caused by a lot of sitting or maybe even what is being done wrong in the weight room. 

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Glute Medius

The Glute Medius runs under the Glute Max. The purpose of this muscle is to abduct the hip, meaning lift your hip up and out to the side. Another job the Glute Medius has is to make sure the pelvis stays level with every step you take. When we lift one leg, the body wants to fall out to that side. If the Glute Medius isn’t working correctly, your pelvis could drop on every step which could eventually lead to problems. If you lift weights and you squat, and you have this problem, then you aren’t going to be distributing weight evenly.

Equal Weight Distribution Test

Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Lift one leg off the ground. If you have to shift your weight to lift the leg up, then you don’t have an equal distribution. What’s going to happen is you will cause imbalances that show up as low back pain. So, when you squat, you want to have equal distribution. 

Fixing Muscle Imbalances

Get on the floor and lie on your side. Take your thumb and push it into that spot. Use the pressure from the hand and move your leg in a certain direction. Bring your knee down then slowly kick it back into extension. Get the leg passed the midline of the body then lift the leg up. Keep the toe pointed down so we get a lot of hip abduction. Push with the thumb the entire time for 10 reps. Now, get back into position and raise the leg back up passed the midline of the body and hold the position. Was very likely is the muscle is very weak. By keep pressure in this spot, we are strengthening the muscle. Putting pressure on this trigger point can be painful. As you practice this exercise, pain will become much less and you will be making the muscle stronger. 

This next exercise should get rid of the rest of the low back pain. Stand next to a wall with the arm extended out. This arm is positioned here just for support and balance. Lift the leg next to the wall up to 90-degree knee flexion. This should allow the hip to just drop out to the side casually. The Glute Medius doesn’t want to let the hip drop. So, you want to drive the leg up until it touches the wall. Let it drop then drive it up again. We are working the outside leg here. Do this for 10 to 15 reps. You want good solid contractions so you are teaching the muscle to get stronger. 

Sack Swinger – Core Exercises for Back Pain

Place a strap onto a Kettlebell or Dumbbell and step into the center of the strap. Hook the strap around your waist. Now, start walk with the weight hanging between your legs. This is a more advanced exercise because you aren’t just trying to hold the leg up, you are also being challenged to control the weight. This exercise is going to free up the hips and teach the hip muscles to be a lot stronger than they are. This exercise can be done as a warm up before a workout to make the hips stronger a reduce low back pain. 

When your low back hurts, you want to get this fix so you can get back to training hard again as soon as you can. Core exercises for back pain may help you fix an annoying problem that could definitely be undermining your progress training. 

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