Exercises for Core Strength

Key Movement to Tapered V-Cut

Exercises for core strength work by contracting your muscles for 15 to 30 seconds. You can also incorporate some resistance if you are up for the challenge. Also, learn the key exercise for developing the V-Tapered Look. 

15 Isometric Exercises for Core Strength

Hollow Hold


Unilateral Loaded V-Sit

Dead Bug

Leg Lift Hold

Elbow Plank



Hand Plank

Bird Dog

Glute Bridge

Side Elbow Plank

Side Hand Plank

Cross Knee Mountain Climber

V-Sit Reach Through

Best CORE Exercise You’re NOT Doing

Farmers Carry

This is one of the most versatile exercises out there. This is the Farmer’s Carry. This exercise demands core strength and stability. You must also have grip strength. It demands forearm strength, proper posture, endurance, and conditioning.

We are going to take this exercise a step further. If you want to really challenge yourself, all those things I mentioned… you want to now start asymmetrically loading the core.

To challenge yourself asymmetrically, use different weighted dumbbells.  Pick up a 80 lb dumbbell in one hand and a 50 lb dumbbell in the other. Simply pick them up and start walking. Shoulders stay squeezed back together. The heavier dumbbell will want to pull you more than the lighter dumbbell. You can’t let that happen. You must keep your shoulders level. Keep walking as your forearms start burning. 

Here’s another variation. You can asymmetrically load right to left… but you can also asymmetrically load up to down. Take one dumbbell up over head. Walk while holding one dumbbell up and the other dumbbell down to the side in the other hand. 

These exercises for core strength can be part of a workout or become a workout themselves. The fact of the matter is you are functionally training yourself in multi-dimensions. You have all these things working together. 

Ripped and Shredded Core

If you are working out at home and looking to get a ripped core, there are two things you have to promise me you will do. 

1) Dedicate yourself to a good nutrition plan. When you start eating better, you bring your body fat levels down low enough so that you can see the rewards of the muscular definition that you get by doing this exercise here. This hits two muscles of the core you probably overlook a little bit in your training. It’s not all about the abs when it comes to a shredded looking core. The key is working to get a shredded looking core by framing out, creating a tapered look that’s much more impressive. You can do this without any equipment. Just get down on the floor and do what I show you here. 

2) Work to activate the Serratus Anterior. Start by bringing your knee across your body toward your opposite elbow. The bottom up rotation and rotation in general is hitting the obliques hard. From here, we keep the contraction and then slide the knee up our arm. We are also getting a little extra flexion of the spine to work the abs more, but more importantly we get protraction of the scapula. You’re pushing around the shoulder blades. This is the protraction you are looking for to really hit the serratus anterior. The serratus is the muscle that sets in the definition of the core that gives you the tapered look. Hitting the obliques with an added PLUS the serratus gets involved as well. 

So, when you add this exercise along with a good nutrition program, you start to see a much more impressive looking torso. Again, the key is combining smart training with smart eating. 

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