Core Stability Exercises

How to Shred Unwanted Belly Fat

Master these 2 core stability exercises and melt away stubborn belly fat that has plagued you for years and finally get the midsection of your dreams.

“Come on! Tighten Up Those Abs!”

You’ve no doubt heard a personal trainer or some professional in the field of strength and conditioning yelling, “Keep your core tight! You need to tighten up those Abs!”

What does this mean? 

What they’re trying to get after is the fact that… 

The better your posture, the better your training

Good posture in combination with good breathing techniques will help you get those washboard abs you’ve been chasing after all these years.

Your Core Isn’t Just Abs

The core is made up of many different muscles, not just the abdominals. Along with the abs (rectus abdominis) that are in front of your stomach, the core also includes the internal and external obliques, the transverse abdominis, quadratus lumborum, and psoas major.

Then there’s also the muscles that travel down the spine to the hips/glutes and up into the pelvic floor. You also have the muscles next to the spine called the multifidus and erector spinae.

All these muscles need your attention if you want to develop six pack abs.

Proper Breathing and Stabilizing Techniques

Have you ever given much thought to how you breathe during exercise? 

This may sound surprising. Breathing is actually very important and can make a huge difference in ab training.

If you’re a shallow breather and haven’t given much thought to the importance of how you inhale and exhale, then you’ll likely benefit a ton from the following exercises.  

Master The Correct Way to Breathe

Before we get into the exercises, lets first go over how to breathe.

The key here is to master the start position.

Take a big breath filling up your belly… then exhale all the air out. Keep exhaling until all the air is completely out of your gut. Your abs will likely start shaking.

This is the starting position for the following core stability exercises.

Core Stability Exercises that’ll Rip Your Six Pack

Remember, if you first master the breathing, you’ll feel your abs working extremely hard and you’ll find these core stability exercises much more difficult than you ever could have imagined.

Again, these aren’t the sexiest of workouts. This is very important because you’re learning proper technique for how to breathe and work those abs

Master the following two core stability exercises and you’ll be well on your way to a chiseled midsection.

1. Core Engaged Deadbugs

Attach a band to stationary object such as a power rack. Lie down on the floor with your head a few inches away. 

Grab the band with both hands. Take a big breath and then exhale fully. Next pull the bands down, driving the rib cage down.

You’re using the exhale to drive better abdominal function. 

While in this position take a breath in and drive your right leg. Hold this position. Exhale. 

Go back to the start position. Inhale then take a big exhale. This time, drive your left leg out. Hold this position. Exhale.

This is a great exercise because it teaches your abdominals to work correctly while breathing and keeping your rib cage down.

2. Wall Pressed Abs

This time, instead of lieing down next to a squat rack, you’re next to a wall. 

This exercise can be a great alternative to the band dead bugs because you don’t need any bands. 

Start by extending your hands up overhead slightly so you can press firmly into the wall.

Exhale fully and push your lower back into the ground. From this point, the exercise is basically identical to the dead bug. 

Push through the heel, pull the toes back, and don’t bring the lower back up off the ground at any point. 

Aim for 3 sets of 6 to 8 reps. 301 tempo is a good idea to be sure you’re controlling the eccentric (lower) portion of movement.

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