Core Workout for Beginners

Ab Exercises for the Newbie

Discover a core workout for beginners that is way better than endless crunch and sit up routine.

Top 5 Core Exercises for Beginners

Go ahead and forget doing those boring crunches. Here are 5 great core exercises for beginners to strengthen your entire core.

Developing a tight 6 pack is great goal, but for a truly strong core you will also need to work all the muscles of the core including the obliques (the muscles at the side of the waist), your lower back, and your glutes. All of these muscles function together at your midsection to keep you strong, healthy, and provide stability while you exercise.

Build core strength with these 5 exercises:

1. The Plank

2. Reverse Crunch

3. Dead Bug

2. Side Plank

5. Glute Bridge

Go straight to the workout here top 5 core exercises for beginners.

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Why Your Crunches Aren’t Getting You Results

You know if you want to get flat, tight abs then you’re got to do lots and lots of ab burning crunches, right? Or maybe not.

The fact is, the road to a gorgeous six pack may not be endless crunch workouts. This isn’t the best way to train your corn and you could be doing damage to your back.

Many professional trainers stopped coaching people to do crunches a long time ago.

A big reason for this is the fact that the  “crunch” part of crunches puts an unhealthy strain on your back at its weakest point.

The part of your back with the most nerves (and most potential for nerve damage) is in this area of the spine. A lot of stress is placed here with the many bends and strains during the crunch.

Basically, you have a number of bends until you cause serious problems. There’s fatigue life in your spinal disks.

Inside each disk is a mucus-like nucleus. Repetitive movement of bending your spine and disk over and over again eventually causes a disk bulge or a disk herniation.

No one will see your herniated disk at the beach, but it’s not fun at all and can be very painful and debilitating. The result could be symptoms such as a persistent back pain, weakness, and tingling.

Core Workout for Beginners

Just take a second to think about what’s happening when you crunch. What is a crunch or a sit-up but a back bend done in a lying position.

And when people do curl up over a balance ball and sit-ups they are executing a very potent injury mechanism on their back. With every repetition they one step closer to damaging the disk.

And often when doing an ab workout, people rarely stop at one or two crunches. In this pursuit to six pack abs, they’ll rip out dozens at a time, coming closer and closer to reaching flex intolerance.

And it turns out, crunches might not be the best solution for a flat stomach. Often people that just focus on crunches end up with the dreaded “aerobic abs.” This is the term used to describe those with a distended stomach. People get this by focusing only on the rectus abdominus muscles targeted by sit-ups and crunches.

You may look great from the front, but when turning to the side, the stomach extends out.

The key to getting a long lean look is to work transverse abdominius muscle.

This is the large muscle that holds in the abs. To get this working you need to focus on training the entire core, not just abdominals. 

The role of the ab muscles is to help keep your spine straight and secure while providing power for your movements.

It’s more accurate to look at the abdominals are braces.

During almost all movements in every day life, the spine is in a neutral posture, not flexed. The real work of the abdominal muscles is to contract to brace the spine.

The best core workout for beginners is movements that challenge the muscles to perform the way they’re designed and expected to work in real life. This isn’t to train muscles in isolation.

Strong abs are important, but not the only thing.

You have muscles that extend your back and flex your back which are belly muscles.

And you have the oblique muscles.

You need to work all of these muscle groups. This is the “core” and is essential to both back health and general athleticism.

6 Best Beginner’s Exercises to Get a Strong Core

Now you know what your core is and understand how it works it’s time to start training.

Here are some of the best core exercises for newbies.

 6 best beginner’s exercises to get a strong Core

If you enjoyed the core workout for beginners tips and would like to keep it close to you at any time, just save this pin to your Pinterest Workout Board.

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