Core Training Exercises

Strengthening the Deep Abominals

Believe it or not, core training exercises are useless until correct breathing patterns are learned. 

Did you know that most of us are terrible at breathing? Poor breathing patterns and constant inhalation keeps us from having effective ab training workouts.

Master Correct Posture

At the start of your ab workouts it’s critical to be breathing correctly. Poor exhalation is why all those cool workouts for abs you’ve been doing haven’t been working.  

The key is being in the right starting position. 

You’re probably familiar with the difference between chest breathing and stomach breathing. 

When you inhale, you should feel your stomach filling with air. 

Now, a really important part. When you exhale, you want to exhale fully.

Exhale hard and keep exhaling until you can’t get any more air out.

When you first do this, it may seem really awkward. But once you get comfortable exhaling like this, you’re going to see big improvements in posture and start positions. 

Contracting the Deep Abdominals

All this breathing work is going to get your muscles on the outside (abdominals) to function correctly. Not just the outside muscles, but also having the deeper core muscles activated is going to help you burn stubborn belly fat and get rock hard abs.

Training these deep core muscles really isn’t all that appealing and you may not think you’re getting a lot out of your hard training. But stick with it because when you perform your ab exercises while breathing correctly, you’re finally going to get the benefits of all this hard work.

When you have correct posture and are breathing correctly, then exercises that once seemed easy become much more difficult. 

And if you don’t have full command of an exercise, you should probably regress to an easier variation.

If you struggle with exhaling properly, then it doesn’t make sense to hammer away with advanced ab exercises.

And most people need to spend time correcting the breathing, so don’t be afraid to take some extra time to master exhaling your breath.

Three steps to Better Ab Training…

1. Master the breath.

2. Practice exhaling with basic ab exercises that give you external support and stability.

3. Start with exercising in supine position before moving on to more advanced positions. 

Core Training Exercises

The following exercise may sound easy, but when done correctly is a lot more challenging than you ever imagined it would be.

Band Leg Lowering

This exercise is great for strengthening the core muscles where the lumbar spine and pelvis come together. 

Shoot for 3 sets of 6 to 10 reps with a 301 or 501 tempo.

Put a band around a foot and lie on the ground in position as if you were to stretch your hamstrings. Flex your quad to help extend the knee. Also, focus on bringing your toes back towards your head, both actively and passively. 

You should feel a good stretch on the backside of your leg.

Now, do the same movement with the leg that doesn’t have a band.

Exhale fully as you try to reproduce the same position with the free leg. 

Focus on keeping the back flat as you slowly lower the leg back to the ground. 

As you lower, always remember to focus on…

1. Toes pulled up and back.

2. Actively extend the knee.

3. Keep your lower back flat on the floor.

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