Medicine Ball Core Exercises

Fun Med Ball Ab Training Workout

Medicine ball core exercises are a great way to train the abs. This tool has been around a long time and isn’t going anywhere. I’m going to show you 4 key ab exercises that involve using the medicine ball as resistance for the core. You’re just going to need a little bit of floor space to move your body with the ball. 

Hollow Rock – Medicine Ball Core Exercises

The first exercise you are going to do is the Hollow Rock. If you’re a beginner, you focus on holding the ball near your chest. As you get stronger, you raise the ball up over head. You can progress to placing the ball up and behind the head a little bit for further difficulty resisting and controlling the ball.  

Knees to Chest – Medicine Ball Core Exercises

To make this a more explosive exercise, we can pull knees to chest. As we bring the legs out, we throw the ball up. How you throw the ball or where you throw the ball is going to stress the abs differently. Catching the ball forces the abs to stabilize hard on each rep. If you throw it a little bit more back behind the head, it’s going to be even more difficult for you to prevent the weight from pulling the body backward. 

Russian Ball Slam – Medicine Ball Core Exercises

This exercise gets even harder when you turn to one side and slam the ball to the ground. This is more of a plyometric action. Also, it’s tough on the core also because after you throw the ball down, you must catch the ball and regroup to throw the ball down again on the other side. 

3 Direction Slam

Now you’re going to slam the ball in 3 directions. You slam to the left, slam to the center, and slam to the right. The legs are performing a scissor which is a difficult exercise even when on it’s own. 

3 Way Med Ball Swaps 90/90 Crunch

We are doing a 3 way raise where we come all the way up to the top for a high V-Up with the ball. You drop the ball onto the legs and leave it there and now you’re doing a Weighted 90/90 Crunch. You have to do a crunch against the weight of that ball. You then come up the next time and do a regular crunch. Go back down, come back up, grab the ball and repeat it all over again. 

So there you have a great ab workout you can do just about anywhere with a medicine ball. Don’t let anyone ever tell you that the medicine ball is out of style or old school and won’t work anymore. It absolutely works. You use the medicine ball for applying resistance to your abs and a lot of times if you just do regular ab training and don’t apply an external resistance, this is why you aren’t getting new results. You just may not be challenging yourself enough.

These medicine ball exercises are a unique way to work the muscles of the core getting you a stronger, leaner, and toner mid-section. 

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