Kettlebell Ab Workouts

Core Rippin Rows & Swings

Kettlebell ab workouts and some of the tough core movements you can train. This exercise requires a bench and couple Kettlebells. Place your feet up on the bench with Kettlebells out in front about shoulder level. Grab onto the kettlebells and perform a renegade row. This type of row is much more difficult than the normal renegade row. Here, we have the feet elevated.

You are at a big mechanical disadvantage which forces your core to work much harder. You want to pull left and right while maintaining rotational stability. You don’t want your trunk to rotate any one direction because we don’t want to fall off the bench or the Kettlebells.

We also have the benefit of tying in a closed chain movement at the shoulder girdle and the core. It’s important for these muscles to work together and that’s an important benefit of this exercise. If you can’t do this, don’t worry about it. It’s not an easy core exercise. 

Renegade Row Regression

Do an arm lift and try to alternate your arms left and right. You are in a 3-point plank position here so this becomes very difficult. However, this is a good starting spot for someone that has difficult doing this Renegade Row with feel elevated on a bench. Again, don’t worry if you can’t do the tougher variation. The point is to challenge you. Keep working hard and you will eventually get there.

Working the Core from Standing Position

There are a couple unique things we are going to do here.

  1. We are going to do more work on the feet and less on the ground
  2. We are going to do a lot more rotation than the typical ab workout

You’re also going to learn how to control your own momentum. For this first exercise, you are going to need a Kettlebell or a dumbbell. 

One Arm Kettlebell Swings

This is a variation of a Kettlebell Swing. As the Kettlebell swings up, slow the momentum of the Kettlebell by using the obliques. So, the obliques are decelerating the Kettlebell. Do 25 reps on each side.

Swings – Kettlebell Ab Workouts

Do 50 swings in the middle. 

Next, we go back to doing 25 reps on the right side, then 25 reps again on the left side. We then go back to the middle and do the Goblet Squat. Do 50 reps here without breaking form. That’s 200 reps total. You do these 5 times if you are advanced. If you are intermediate, you do 15 reps each side and 30 reps of the middle exercise. If you are a beginner, you do 10 reps on each side and 20 reps in the middle. 

This definitely is NOT the easiest way you can train your abs. In order to change yourself, you will need to challenge yourself. Using the Kettlebell for ab training is an interesting and fun way to spice up your workouts.

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