Lower Ab Workouts for Men

3 Ways to the Elusive V-Taper

Lower ab workouts for men where you can actually get your lower abs that elusive V-taper to show more. The secret is doing the right exercises.

This is the muscle development in the lower ab region that leads down to the pelvis.

The question many people wonder is… Is there a way to get this area of muscle to pop out more? The answer is YES. First, you have to be able to reveal it.

You have to understand you can’t just train the heck out of your lower abs. If you don’t have a low enough level of body fat, you won’t ever show it. So, you first start by focusing on your nutrition and getting your nutrition locked in.

Other than that, you must think about how you train the lower abs.

You need to understand that in order to get this area to show more, you have to know there are multiple muscle groups involved. Focus on the group of muscles that work their way into this area. This is mainly the internal and external obliques.

So, it’s important to not just be thinking of training in single plane movements.

In order to get this area of the body to show, we have to work the internal/external obliques which will get a lot of rotation at the same time. It’s also important to hit the muscles that lie underneath that area. This is mainly the transverse abdominis.

The TA (transverse abdominis) is basically the weight belt that goes around the waist. It allows the muscles above to pop a little bit more.

So how can we do this all in one exercise?

The following are 3 different ways you can work these muscles in a circuit, giving you a great lower ab workout that will train your body the way it needs to be trained.

Hanging Bar – Lower Ab Workouts for Men

Grasp your hands over a hanging bar. Fingers are over the top of each other and you hang down. This exercise flattens out the transverse abdominis. So, you engage this area first by flattening it out. Next, you are going to twist. You can see, as soon as you twist, the external obliques contract. Once contracted, you do a leg lift. So, turn, and then lift the legs up then come down and rotate. Repeat this movement for the desired number of repetitions.

On the Floor – Lower Ab Workouts for Men

This exercise can also be done down on the floor. Position yourself in front of something that will help you anchor yourself. Lie on your back and grab something to help anchor (for example, a bar or rack). You bring your legs up while pulling the transverse down. We then also want to get the twist in there also. So, after you come up, you then twist your butt to the left then back down. Continue the exercise by alternating the reps (example, come up, twist to the right, come back down… up, twist to the left, come back down, etc).

Band Exercise – Lower Ab Workouts for Men

You then can also do a band exercise for this. Anchor the band down on the ground. A great way to activate the transverse is to get in a plank position because in order to hold the posture the correct way, you must have the transverse working. So, get into a plank with your arm reaching out in front of you. Start by pulling the band and keep the abs engaged. Come up and rotate as you drive the knee across the body. So, you are basically rotating as you drive the elbow in.

In Summary – Lower Ab Workouts for Men

In order to get the lower abs to show, you have to get the diet right. The diet doesn’t necessarily have to be restrictive, it just has to be right. You then also need to do the right exercises.

For great results, you need the internal and external obliques to work well with the transverse abdominis along with the rectus. All these muscles need to work together. You don’t work them in isolation. They aren’t used in isolation in real life, so don’t isolate them in the gym.  

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