Lower Abs Workouts

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These lower abs workouts involve the combination of a bicycle with a jackknife. This first workout will get you an Awesome V Cut. 

This is 7 rounds for 30 seconds each followed by 15 seconds of rest. 

Bicycle and Jackknife Exercise

Bicycles are done by going opposite knee to opposite elbow. After you complete the bicycle come up with both hands and bring them back down. Keep repeating this combination for 30 seconds and rest for 15 seconds. We do this 7 times. 

We don’t want to rush through this. Training the abs isn’t like training all the other muscles. It’s not about going really quick, it’s about the muscle contraction. You want to contract your abs and really feel the movement. You’re going by time so you don’t have to focus on the reps or how many you can do. So, make sure that when you are training your abs, you are contracting the muscles to get in a great workout.

Lower Abs Workouts (Part 2)

This workout really works abs while training some cardio. We are going to be doing 60 seconds of Bicycles with a Lying Leg Lift.

We’re doing 4 Bicycles with 4 Leg Lying Leg Lifts. So, do 4 Bicycles with each side counting as one, followed by 4 leg lifts. We repeat this over and over for 60 seconds. Don’t take any rest then do 30 seconds of half-burpees.

We do 3 rounds of this. 

  • 4 Bicycles (no rest)
  • 4 Lying Leg Lifts (no rest)
  • Half-Burpees for 30 Seconds
  • Do 3 Rounds Total

This workout is going to really burn your abs. Also, doing the half-burpees is going to engage more on the abs while also get in some cardio work along with some fat burning work. 

 The leg lifts are really good for the lower abs while the bicycles take care of the upper abs. Land lightly on the half-burpees so it’s easy on your joints. 

In 5 and half to 6 minutes, this workout totally destroys your abs. 

 Guard Sit Up – Lower Abs Workouts

This is one of the coolest lower ab exercises you could do. It’s called the Guard Sit Up. You’re going to need a partner for this. This is really challenging for working the core, abs, and legs also. Hold on to your partner with your feet with the core while doing the sit up. It’s also really hard for the person holding because you must hold the weight up while staying balanced while standing. 

Lower Back Strength for Lower Abs Workouts

Here’s what you need to know to work your lower back. To work your upper back, you pull towards your chest. To work your lower back, pull toward your abs. This works for any exercise. For example, it could be a closed-grip pull up or a lat pull-down. Pull toward your abs and you’ll work the lower back. Just remember, your back is made up of upper muscles and lower muscles. If you want to develop an impressive back, you need to work both. 

And if you do a lot of ab training, you need to work your lower back to keep the balance of strength. You don’t want to train one side too much. For example, you can mess up your posture and create unnecessary low back pain by working too much abs without also strengthening your lower back. If you are going to do a lot of ab work, always be sure to also do the necessary lower back work also. The key is creating a balance between the opposing muscle groups (in this example, the lower back and abdominals).   

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