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12 Best At Home Workouts You Can Do Without Any Equipment 

The best home workouts don’t require a lot of equipment, or any equipment really. Therea are many exercises you can do using your own bodyweight as resistance. This is good to know if you don’t have dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, or other workout equipment at home.

So, if you don’t have a lot of equipment, you should definitely consider using bodyweight exercises for your workouts. Just about every muscle in your body, from the butt to legs to your chest to your core can be done without equipment.

Plus, there are tons of variations of bodyweight exercises. This means possibilities are endless for your bodyweight workouts.

Here are the 12 best at home workouts you can do without any equipment

Easy Workouts to Do at Home for Women

There’s a group of muscles that make up your abs, pelvic floor, hips and glutes. This is called the core.

Your abs are part of a this large area of muscles that work together in the center of your body and support your arms and legs.

It’s common for women to want visibly toned ab muscles. However, there’s important health reasons to strengthen the abs and core:

  • Improve posture. Core muscles help with daily movements such as sitting up straight. You can you fix back pain from bad posture. Poor posture can be corrected and the pain caused by it can be treated. 
  • Protect your spine. Core muscles help protect the spine from pain and injury. By creating a strong core, you give your back muscles more support which then lessens the chance of injuring your spine. 
  • Help provide strength. This is important for both regular life activities and also sports. Have a strong core will help your body generate force and power from the ground to the hands. This can be critical for sports and workouts. 
  • Prevent overuse injury. If you have a weak unstable core, you’re at greater risk for an overuse injury.

Discover some easy at-home ab workouts for women.

4 Ab Workouts You Can Do at Home in 5 Minutes Flat

You’re probably busy like most people and have gazillion things on your to-do list. So it’s easy to write off your workout. However, research has long shown that exercise can boost your productivity and alleviate stress when life gets hectic. 

And while knowing that it’s important to build a strong core, I’ll be the first to admit that standard planks and sit-ups can get real boring real fast. Lucky for you I have four different ab workouts you can easily do at home.

Go check out 4 Ab Workouts You Can Do at Home in 5 Minutes Flat.

How To Adjust Your Workout When You Can’t Get To The Gym

There are many reasons you may not get to your gym workout. What can be an even bigger problem is figuring out what to do on your own at home. How do you create an effective home workout? What do you do if you don’t have a lot of options for equipment or space?

Check out these tips on how to adjust your workout when you can’t get to the gym.

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