Mini Workouts at Home

Do Micro Workouts Count?

Mini workouts at home are good for the body and the brain.

Life can be crazy at times. Often you may have days when you wake up realize you just aren’t going to make it to the gym today.

But what if you could get in a legitimate results by doing short workouts throughout the day? Could ripping out 20 pushups every hour or a few burpees between zoom calls replace a 45-minute workout completed at the gym?

Mini Workouts at Home for Busy People

You may have to be a little creative, but there’s still a benefit to adding mini workouts at home to your daily routine. And it’s definitely better than nothing. If you’re super busy with family and work, mini workouts can help fill the gaps between training sessions.

 Here’s how to fit exercise into a busy schedule Without a Ton of Effort.

 14 easy ways to exercise at home for busy people.

Are There Health Benefits Of Sporadic Exercise Throughout The Day?

It’s true you can support your weight loss efforts and fitness goals with mini workouts throughout the day. However, there are also mental benefits to the workouts. 

Potential benefits of short sporadic workouts include:

Increased Focus. It can be mentally exhausting working at a computer all day. Brief hits of exercise might help jump start creativity and improve memory and focus.

Decreased Stress. Endorphins are release from during exercise. These are the feel good neurotransmitters you may have heard of a runner’s high. Just about any aerobic activity can create this same type of feeling.

Improved Mood. Exercise can lower symptoms of mild depression and anxiety. You may also notice an improvement in your sleep. Exercise can reduce stress and give you confidence in your body and life.

Increased Self Confidence. Losing weight loss, building muscle, and feeling stronger can have a big impact on self confidence. And knowing you made these improvements by doing mini workouts will give you confidence that you’re making a difference.

8 Mini Workouts That Work Your Whole Body

Stretching out a workout into an entire day is definitely an effective strategy for many people.

If you do pushups every hour throughout the day, by the end of the day, you may have a few hundred pushups done.

Alternatively, you could do 30 seconds of a movement jumping jacks followed by 30 body weight squats, 30 pushups, and 30 chair dips. Do this circuit once an hour.

The next morning you’re going to know that you’ve done something.

The key here is volume. You get lactate into the muscles which increases that lactate production that works together to increase muscular exertion.

You could keep things simpler than that by sprinting up stairs once an hour.

Stair sprinting can be challenging. It’s also has the advantage of being a short workout. 

When done fast, you’ll soon see the cardiovascular improvements and increased muscular endurance.

Keep in mind, however, that implementing mini workouts at home likely isn’t the permanent strategy for most people. However, this can definitely be a great way to maintain your fitness level and learn some new exercises.

Here are 8 mini workouts that work your whole body.

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