Workouts for Abs

Lower Abs Workouts

Killer Core Training & Cardio These lower abs workouts involve the combination of a bicycle with a jackknife. This first workout will get you an Awesome V Cut.  This is 7 rounds for 30 seconds each followed by 15 seconds of rest.  Bicycle and Jackknife Exercise Bicycles are done by going opposite knee to opposite …

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Kettlebell Ab Workouts

Core Rippin Rows & Swings Kettlebell ab workouts and some of the tough core movements you can train. This exercise requires a bench and couple Kettlebells. Place your feet up on the bench with Kettlebells out in front about shoulder level. Grab onto the kettlebells and perform a renegade row. This type of row is much more …

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Cardio Ab Workouts

Cardio ab workouts involve push ups, high knees, burpees, and jumping lunges. This workout is 30 seconds for each exercise with NO REST.  High Knees Push Up, Knee to Chest Jumping Lunges Burpees Without a Push Up Perform all these exercises in a circuit. Do each exercise for 30 seconds then immediately go to the next exercise …

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Workouts for Abs

Key Exercise for Six Pack Success You want workouts for abs? Check out this six pack hack. This is a muscle hack that will help you get six pack abs. The key here is to NOT focus on the six pack (rectus abdominus). This muscle alone will never give you a great looking mid-section. You …

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